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Sociopathic Tendencies in Adults

Sociopathic tendencies in people are often marked by lack of conscience within the person. They just care about their own needs and desires. This article will help explain this personality disorder in detail.
Many people use the term sociopath as a synonym for anti-social personality disorder. But, do we actually know who are medically called as sociopaths, a term loosely used to describe a pervert or person with mental illness? Sociopaths are selfish, egocentric individuals. They just think about getting their needs and desires to be fulfilled. Their mentally twisted minds manipulate others to get what they want. They often think they are doing a great job for the society and they do not find anything bad or wrong with their lack of regard for others.
Psychologists and sociologists refer that those people have an unsociable character, due to parental failure or genetic make-up of some people as sociopaths. There are four subtypes of sociopaths basically:
Common Sociopaths:
These common sociopaths are characterized by their lack of conscience.
Alienated Sociopaths:
The alienated sociopaths are characterized by their inability to love and to be loved.
Aggressive Sociopaths:
The aggressive sociopaths are characterized by a streak of sadistic nature.
Dyssocial Sociopaths:
The dyssocial sociopaths have an ability to stick to gang rules. As long as the rules are wrong rules, they have no problem following them.
Now that we have a fair idea as to who is a sociopath, let us have a look at the tendencies as well as characteristics associated with this personality disorder.
Tendencies of Sociopaths
One of the main tendencies of sociopaths is the sole aim to win. They will do anything to get what they want and cannot afford to lose. They are very clever and convincing with their tricks to manipulate others. The sociopathic tendencies shows that they are not entangled in a web of emotions and dilemmas that any normal person goes through, but they are busy scheming and plotting ways to gain trust and then stab the unsuspecting friends and lovers in the back. They are so sly in their ways that you will never know what struck you.
These people have a superficial charm just like a salesman trying to sell you his products. You will be in a daze due to their glibness and never know you are doing something they want you to do. They are very manipulative and love to dominate as well as humiliate their victims. These victims are usually parents, siblings, partners as well as friends or acquaintances.
Another interesting tendency is that they tend to get bored very easily. This is because normal people are so occupied with their relationships and people around them, that it does not give them time to get bored now and then. But, sociopaths are shallow and empty from inside and are just playing a game to win. Thus, they get bored when there is nothing stimulating their calculating minds like drama, worry or anything negative enough to keep them active.
There are many serial killers who were found to be sociopaths. But, not all sociopaths are on a killing spree. They lead ordinary lives among us. They just don’t feel any emotions, empathy, remorse or care for those around them. They are just good actors who can emote the emotions around them without actually feeling them emotionally. They are shallow inside and tend to feign their emotions such as joy, love and even compassion. They are cold within and will remain unmoved in situations that is enough to shake up a normal person.
These people have very poor behavioral controls. Rage and aggression always alternates with periods of love and care. This puts the victim in a vicious cycle of hopelessness and despair. The abused begins to think of the periods of rage as their fault and start having low self-esteem. Sociopaths tend to move around a lot. This is because they tend to fear people will find out their real nature within. They may also fear persecution and therefore will move to different cities or places.
The tendencies of a sociopath creates a havoc in their family life, professional life and even among their friends. The havoc created does not affect them a bit, but those around the sociopath. They deceive, hurt and wreak the people close to them or in contact with them. They never feel sorry or guilty about their wrongdoings. They just want to take what they want, but never give back anything throughout their lives.
Personality Trait Checklist
Just go through the attributes and match the number of ‘yes’ you find about the behavior of the person you suspect to be a sociopath:
√ Egocentricity
√ Callousness
√ Impulsive nature
√ Lack of conscience
√ Exaggerated sexuality
√ Boasts excessively
√ Takes high risks
√ Finds it very difficult to resist temptation
√ Antagonistic nature (They show a deprecating attitude toward the opposite sex)
√ They show lack of interest in their partner or lover
√ One may feel used by the person
√ The victims may feel the person does not care for them much
√ Sociopaths tend to take a lot and give back almost nothing in return (This includes physically, materialistically, financially as well as emotionally)
√ Sociopaths love to make others feel sorry for them
√ They love flattery and tend to bask in glory
√ These people tend to make their victims become worried in a very sneaky way
√ They never feel responsible about hurting someone and will instead blame others for their mistakes
Do you find you have agreed to most of the points related to the things the person’s behavior with you and others? If yes, then you may be dealing with a suspected sociopath. If the person continuously hurts you, blames you for everything that goes wrong and still seeks your sympathy then the person can be termed as a sociopath.
DisclaimerThe above chart is just an explanation of this condition. Do not in any way interpret it as a diagnostic tool. Please consult a doctor regarding the person’s behavior for an expert diagnosis, if you suspect the person is a sociopath according to the preceding list. Remember, not all people with a few similar tendencies can be termed sociopaths.
It is commonly seen that such people have no affection or attachments to people around them. According to researchers, there are about three to four percent of people who are sociopaths. There are some people, who are totally sociopathic, some only slightly and others can be anything between total and slightly sociopath. They are not easy to spot and by the time you are hurt, deceived and made turned into an emotional wreak, you find the person was a sociopath. The best thing to do if faced by such a dilemma is to move on and gather the scattered pieces of your life and make no contact with the sociopath. It is difficult to cut off with someone you may love so deeply, but it will save you from more pain and troubles in future. Besides the sociopath won’t care a dime about your presence or absence as it does not affect him in any way.
Sociopaths never seek help for curing their antisocial personality disorder. And there is no point is trying to get them seek psychotherapy. They will just learn to hide their manipulative trait better and con you more effectively. These were some of the sociopathic traits in adults and if you know someone matching these traits, try to cut off with them or be more alert when they are around. Whatever may be the situation, it is no point in getting you self manipulated and pushed to the verge of madness.